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The actionable Ember.js code review service

Ember Checkup helps your developers spend more time writing features.

To keep your Ember app fit, it’s paramount to make sure you do things the Ember way. Relying on the strong opinions of the framework, you can ship features at a rapid pace. Provided you follow the best practices and avoid fighting the framework.

This service will set you on the right path.

Do some of these apply to your app?

  • You feel the pace of development should be faster
  • You think your team spends too much time on fixing technical debt
  • You consider it valuable for an expert to have a critical look at your Ember code base
  • You want to ensure you get the most out of Ember in the future and keep developing features instead of fixing bugs

If they do, you should read on or cut straight to the chase.

Adam Pennycuick

"I really liked the Severity and Effort scores and the categorization of the tasks in the report. A very well defined and delivered product that I’d recommend to anyone in my situation who know their code is not as good as it could be."

Adam Pennycuick

Founder of Oslr

What is the Ember Checkup service?

The Ember Checkup service provides a code audit to make sure your app is in top shape and to enable a steady pace of development for the long-term.

It provides you with a highly actionable roadmap for improving your app and points out areas where change is most needed and identifies low-hanging fruits (with the help of Severity and Effort score for each issue).

Camille Tjhoa

"Ember Checkup helped us to identify and prioritize our technical debt. It gave us piece of mind about Ember's future and advised us for our next app refactoring."

Camille Tjhoa


How much does the Checkup service cost?

The Checkup service costs $1500, which should be paid fully upfront. If you're not satisfied with the service, I'll fully refund you within 15 days starting after the hand-off call.

What's included?

  • A code audit that focuses on current and future pain points
  • A detailed (pdf) report of these pain points and the high-level plan of how to fix each of them
  • A hand-off call where we go through the report to make sure everything is clear to unblock the development path of your app
  • A 15-day money-back guarantee
Geje Grey

“It was very valuable to get a broad code review on our code and get an impression on its overall quality. Balint not only pointed out the weak spots in our application but also showed a clear path forward on how to address them.”

Gé-Jé Overschie

Founder of Fabriquartz

Get a sample report

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About me

Balint Erdi

I'm Balint Erdi, an independent Ember.js consultant working out of Budapest, Hungary. I've been working with the web for more than a decade and have been focusing on Ember.js since the fall of 2013.

I wrote (and still keeping up-to-date) the most popular Ember.js books.

Presented on Ember.js at conferences like EmberConf, EmberFest, AgentConf and ArrrrCamp.

Published several dozens of Ember.js-related articles, some of it as guest posts and recorded more than a dozen screencasts.